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Nursery to 10+2 Classses (art & Science Stream)

Bhagvati Educational Trust

Throughout the session Inter House competitions for all classes are held, thus providing opportunities to children to showcase their talent in co-curricular activities and contribute to their all round development. There is no denying the fact that every child is blessed with flare for something, which if tapped in the formative years can yield rich dividends.

"O Gracious God, hear our prayer, Keep us in Thy loving care, Guard us through the livelong day, In our work and in our play, Make us pure and sweet and Sure, In everything we say and do, Bless the school O! Lord we pray, Make it safe by night and day, Bless the people here within, keep them pure and fee from sin. "

Morning Prayer

Lunch Prayer

God I offer You this day of mine, Bless me and make me a good so sweet, Thank You God for the world so sweet, Thank You God for the food we eat, Thank You God for the birds that sing, Thank You God for everything.

National Anthem of India

Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Punjab Sindh Gujarat maratha Dravida Utkala Banga Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganaga Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga Tubh Shubh Name jage Tubh Shubh Ashisha mange Gahe Tubh jaya Gatha Jan Gan mangaldayak jay hey Baharat Bhagya Vidhata Jaye He ! jaye He ! Jaye He ! Jaye, Jaye, Jaye, Jaye, He


Vande Mataram! Sujalam suphalam, malayaja shitalam, Shasyashyamalam, Mataram! Shubhrajyotsna pulakitayaminim, Phullakusumita drumadala shobhinim, Suhasinim, sumadhura bhashinim, Sukhadam, varadam, Mataram! Saptakotikantha kalakala ninada karale Dvisaptakoti bhujair dhrita-khara karavale Abala kena ma eta bale Bahubala dharinim, namami tarinim, Ripudalavarinim Mataram!

The Pledge

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters . I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I will always respect my parents, teachers and elders. I will treat everyone with courtesy.To my country and my people I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity along lies my happiness.


3rd Week of September

Ist Term
2nd Week of December
IInd Term
2nd Week of March
School will provide detailed date sheet time to time.


  • Flower Arrangement Competition
  • Earth Day
  • News reading Competition
  • Mother’s Day
  • Spelling Competition
  • Father’s Day
  • Nation Anthem Competition
  • Memory Retention Test
  • Salad Making Competition
  • Debate competition.
  • Tree Plantation Competition
  • Calligraphy Competition
  • Fancy Dress Competition
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Declamation Contest
  • Solo Dance Competition
  • Hindi Literary Day
  • Talent Hunt Competition
  • Waste to Wealth Competition
  • Painting Competition
  • Annual Athletics Meet
  • Card Making Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Story Telling Competition

Extra curricular activities

Sr. No. Activity Performed as
1 Cultural Special class for talented students once in week.
2 Yoga Special session for Yoga class in every weekend.
3 Music Adequate facilities provide for interested students.

School won many award at state level in dance and declamation contests & athletics. School organize educational trip for students to vast their knowledge. Participation at National Level every year in Badminton & Athletics.

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Bhagvati Public School

  • School Code:- 1592
  • Affiliated No:- 14013