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Nursery to 10+2 Classses (art & Science Stream)

Faculty of School

Our school has a full-fledged, enlightened staff in each and every faculty. All the members of the faculty are well-qualified, trained and experienced in their field of specialization. Frequent orientation-camps, workshops and seminars are organized to upgrade the pedagogical skills of staff members. Modern methods of teaching using computer technology, projector and other visual aids empower the teachers to explore the hidden potential of the students of optimum capacity and give the students an edge over the others in the highly competitive world of education.

List of the Faculty/Staff Member (2018-19)

Sr. No. Faculty/ Staff Mamber Designation Qualification Job Experience TET Pass D.El.Ed.
          or Not  
1 Mrs. Arti Katoch Principal M.Sc.(Phy.), B.Ed, M. Phil 14 yrs.    
2 Smt. Bandna N.T.T. B.A., N.T.T. 14 yrs. No  
3 Mrs. Poonam Jaswal N.T.T. 10+2, N.T.T 13 yrs. No  
4 Ms. Anupma P.G.T. M.Sc(Zoology), B.Ed. 1 Month Yes  
5 Smt. Sushma Dhiman P.G.T. B.A.,M.A(His), B.Ed., M.Ed. 12 Yrs. Yes  
6 Mrs. Namita Singh P.G.T. B.A., M.A. Eng., B.Ed, M.Sc. 1 Yr. Yes  
7 Mrs. Nisha Kumari Librarian B.A., Lib.(I Yr) 3 yrs.    
8 Mrs. Anjna Kumari Primary Teacher M.A.(Pol Sci), B.Ed. 10 Yrs. No D.El.Ed.
9 Mr. Jeewan Kumar P.G.T. (Physics) M.Sc(Phy),B.Ed. 10 Yrs. Yes  
10 Mr. Sanjeet Kumar TGT (Arts) M.A.(Soc), B.Ed., 1yr Comp 9 yrs. Yes  
11 Mrs. Papna Devi Drawing Teacher B.A. & Dip. In Art & craft 7 Months   D.El.Ed.
12 Miss Anita Sharma T.G.T. (Science) (Chem) B.Ed 7 yrs. Yes  
13 Mrs. Asha Devi PGT (Math) M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed. 1 yr. Yes  
14 Mr. Kushal Kumar PGT (Physics) M.Sc. (Phy). B.Ed. 3 Months Yes  
15 Miss Kiran Bala TGT (TGT Science) MSc (Zoology), B.Ed. 5 yrs. Yes  
16 Mrs. Sonika Kumari T.G.T. (Science) M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed 4 yrs. No D.El.Ed.
17 Mrs Ritu Dogra Punjabi Teacher B.A.(with Punjabi), M.A. (Pol 1 Month Yes  
      Sc., PGDCA      
18 Mrs. Pratibha Rana Primary Teacher M.A. (History), B.Ed. 8 Months No  
19 Mrs. Reeta Parihar Primary Teacher M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. 2 yrs. No D.El.Ed.
20 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Primary Teacher B.A. . B.Ed., JBT 3 yrs. Yes  
21 Ms. Amita Sharma PGT (Math) B.Sc., M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed. 1 Month No  
22 Ms. Devika PGT (Math) M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed. 4 Months    
23 Mrs. Priyanka Parmar Computer Teacher M.Com., B.Ed., PGDCA 6 yrs Yes  
24 Mr. Anil Kumar Shastri M.A. (Skt), B.Ed. 3 yrs. Yes  
25 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma TGT (Arts) B.A., B.Ed., MA (Eco) 1 Yr. Yes  
26 Mrs. Nisha Devi PGT (Hindi) M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. 1 Month Yes  
27 Mr. Anil Kumar PET M.A. (Pol.Sc.), M.A. (His), 2Yrs. No  
      B.Ed., B.P.Ed.    
28 Mrs. Sunita Devi LT (Hindi) M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. 2 Yrs. Yes  
29 Mrs. Sudershan Kumari Primary Teacher M.A. (History), B.Ed., PGDCA 4 yrs. No D.El.Ed.
30 Mrs. Indu Bala Primary Teacher B.A., JBT 1 yr. Yes  
31 Mr. Santosh Kumar Clerk B.A. 11 Yrs.    
32 Mrs. Ranjna Kumari Accountant M.Com., B.Ed., D.C.S. 2 yrs.    

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